Wounds of the Church is a home for people in the midst of transitions in faith.
If you have been through your own transitions, including if you no longer believe, this is a space to share your story.

While some stories will be angry (and that is totally okay), sad, or painful. Others will be about healing, renewal and hope.

Our dream is to provide a place where people can find their own wounds among these stories, not feel so alone, and be able to move towards healing through our shared experiences.


A Brief History

My own faith transition started while I was still living in the Midwest, in the mecca of my tradition. Things were starting to feel like they didn't fit. It was getting harder and harder to make it all make sense. And I was angry. Why was this happening?

I ended up moving to Denver, CO as things were unraveling spiritually. Not knowing what a huge shift it was to leave the Midwest, soon I found other believers that were experiencing a similar kind of discontent and unknowing. 

As I have gained our footing in our new postmodern home, I started to see patterns emerging from young people (mostly, but not exclusively) who were in a faith transition. A recognition that things we're working. Struggling to find a faith community that made sense. Dealing with the transitory nature of friendship in the big city. Feeling disconnected from the world they lived in and from themselves. 

The stories continued to pile up. And over and over people shared how alone they felt. That no one else knew what they were going through.

But I do (we do). So come join us as we create a space where spiritual wanderers can find companions and friends along the way. Read our stories and feel welcome to share your own. 

We all have wounds of the church. Yours, mine, and ours.