Write for Us

Wounds of the Church is a home for people in the midst of transitions in faith. If you have been through your own transitions, including if you know longer believe, this is a space to share your story.

In particular we are looking for stories relating to certain aspects of your experience. Maybe you grew up in a "purity" based culture. Maybe you saw or experienced abuse. Maybe you have outgrown certain doctrines or understandings. All of those stories are welcome.

Your story is welcome here. You may submit your story under your name or as a pseudonym or anonymously. Please change locations and details to be respectful of other people in your story. 

While some stories will be angry (and that is totally okay), our hope is to provide a place where people can find their own wounds among these stories, not feel so alone, and be able to move towards healing through our shared experiences. 

If you have any questions, topic suggestions, or links to things that have helped you, please feel free to submit those as well.

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